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Spongo Silicone Rubber Sheet
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12 May 2020
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Made by the vulcanized press with high quality silicone rubber and imitated sponge technique, it is a good performance of high temperature resistant, aging resistant, ozone .resistant, heat insulation, oil-resistant, lubes resistant, odorless and wear well, High compressibility and low compression are regulated over a wide range of working temperatures, acoustics and thermal insulation properties.

Apply to -60 C - + 200Â ° C protect and heat insulation for long-term continuous use, -70 C - + 260Â ° C for intermittent use on all types of table boards.



Material: 100% virgin silicone rubber

Color: dark red / red brick

Surface: double impression fabric or double fine

Cell: close cell

Tensile strength: 100-200PSI

Hardness: 10, 20, 30 + / A-5shore

Elongation: 100% density: 0.6-1.0g / cm3 Working temperature: -60 C - + 220 Â ° C (260 C moment)

Width: 100cm

adhesive: one side of general glue or 3M glue

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