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Pvc Rigid ( Mika PVC Kaku )
Pvc Rigid ( Mika PVC Kaku )
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16 May 2020
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Description Rigid Mica 0.50 mm Thick Plastic Meter 0.50mm Mica Film Pemb
Rigid Thick Mica Plastic Wrapping Souvenir Plastic Meter Clear Glass Film OPP Souvenir Packaging. We sell thick thick plastic mica at cheap wholesale pricesFor free postage promo, please check below this description column.Specifications MIKA KAKU 050
-Color: Clear / Transparent
-Width / Height: + - 140cm
-Thickness: + - 0.50mm Bending (Not Rigid)
Texture: rigid, can be shaped as desired.The use of thick clear mica plastic:
-Packaging Soevenir
-Mika Sesesu Wrap
- Fan packaging, spoons, Food Cake boxes, Accessories boxes, prayer beads, towels, etc.
-Display the box as a replacement for the glass so that your product can be seen clearly without the need to open the box
- Marriage gift wrappingProducts Catalog: www. Rigid Mica Film plastic products with various thicknesses please check our product list.Mica plastic

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