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Packing Graphite Sheet 3mm
Packing Graphite Sheet 3mm
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06 May 2020
1 Pieces
IDR 875.000

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Graphite sheet.Flexible graphite sheet made of graphite flakes with high carbon content which is taken chemical treatment, expanding under high temperature and then formed by rolling. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good elasticity. flexible graphite sheet or roll the main raw material for making all kinds of graphite tapes, graphite reinforced sheets, gasket sealing and packing. Application Recommendations:
industrial processpetrochemical industrychemical industrypower generation technologycentrifugal pumppiston pumpcompressorheat exchanger valvecoveringflange connectionmaintenance sealWorking Temperature: -200 ° C ~ 650 ° C (in oxide media)-200 ° C ~ 870 ° C (in non-oxide media).Size: 100cm X 100cmThickness: 1mm - 5mm

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