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PA6G Blue (MC Blue Nylon) Sheet Rod (Rod), (Monomer - Cast Nylon / Cast Polyamide) is a high molecular thermoplastic. MC Nylon / PA 6G is widely applied in bearing engine parts because it shows excellent mechanical strength & wear resistance. MC Nylon also features low water absorption & dimensional stability.

We supply MC Nylon Rod, MC Nylon Sheet and MC Nylon Machine Components that deliver Nature.

Typical properties:

- Very good sliding

-High and wear-resistant

- Damping capacity is good

- Low density

- Good machinability

- Dimensional stability and low residual stress

Typical apps:

- Bearing

- Guides

- Chain wheels and guides

- Rail guide

- Reviewed transportation

- Curved guide

- Abrasion plate, impeller

- Wire pulley

Size: 100cm X 200cm

120cm X 240cm

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