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Gland packing chesterton 370 Carbon
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08 May 2020
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Gland packing chesterton 370 Carbon

Gland packing chesterton 370 Carbon was created as a sealing device, but because it had to drip, it was more appropriately referred to as a restrictional device. GlandPacking was born ahead of MechanicalSeal. Usually made with a braided or woven system with a box section. The constituent material may be graphite, Acrilic, PTFE, asbestos and so on.

Gland packing chesterton 370 Carbon

Toko Jaya Utama Packing is a company engaged in retail in the industry Plastic Products, Rubber Products, Gland packing asbestos, Pvc Strip Curtain, Packing Gasket, Insulation Product, Rubber Product, Engineering Plastics Manufacturing, Klinger We are located in Glodok Jaya Shop 2nd Floor Block D No. 26 West Jakarta. Our products are well-tested for quality and superiority that can be relied upon for your industry.

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