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1. Rubber NBR / Rubber NBR (nytrile butadiene rubber)
   NBR is a synthetic rubber for the most commonly needed use. Its excellent properties are resistant to oil. Even in oil, this rubber does not expand.
   This property is caused by the presence of acrylonitrile content in it.

2. Polyurethane is a mixture or solvent between rubber and plastics so that the dissolution of the material has the advantage of being very friction resistant, resistant to wear, resistant to some light chemical, stable in cold and hot temperatures. The chemistry of a substance or mixture therein contains nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen, Polyurethane is a polymeric material containing various collections of urethane (-NH-CO-O-) formed from the reaction between polyols (alcohols with more than two groups of reactive hydroxyl molecules) with diisocyanate or polymeric isocyanate with the availability of suitable catalysts and additional ingredients.

3. Rubber carpet rubber sheet / rubber sheet is available in various types and sizes, usually called roll carpet. This roll-shaped rubber roller rug can be applied to a variety of uses in different areas such as the following:
   rubber sheet for farm area, rubber sheet for industrial area, gym or gym area, parking area or garage, for residential area, for kitchen area or restora, bathroom area or swimming pool

4. Rubber EPDM / Rubber EPDM is synthesis rubber. The difference between EPDM and PDM is that EPM can only be vulcanized with peroxide and radiation while EPDM in addition to those two may also be sulfuric.
5. The main function of the rubber fender system is to prevent vessels and docks from damage arising during the process of sealing the vessel and while the vessel is leaning. External forces, such as abrasion and other natural factors, are very likely to occur when the ship is docked.

6. Silicone Rubber (Rubber Silicone) is the most ideal material in making mold sculptures to be duplicated. Produce flexible, detailed prints, can make the most complicated, durable, resistant to chemicals, and can be made quickly, and can dry out at room temperature.

7. Rubber Neoprene sheet (Rubber neoprene roll sheets) with low temperature flexibility and oil resistance. This rubber is chemically inert and resistant to rot, check and crack due to weather exposure. Neoprene rubber is a fine plate sheet utilizing a high-quality mixed neoprene. Neoprene rubber is good for use in oil, water, weather, oxidation and sunlight

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