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Fure Teflon Ptfe 3/4" dan 7/8"
Fure Teflon Ptfe 3/4" dan 7/8"
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30 May 2020
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pH: 0-14 Max Temperature 260C (500 F) Max Pressure: 20 kg. Category: Non-Asbestos Gland Packing Product Description PTFE Pure Teflon Packing Gland Pure Teflon packaging strap is flexible, almost completely chemical inertia, stable dimensions, low friction coefficient and excellent resistance to compression. It is suitable for all chemical compounds, alternative & rotary shaft movements, rods, piston valves, steam, expansion joints. This is Braided Packing made from P.T.F.E. pure yarn. Application: This is a cost-effective substitute for PTFE impregnated asbestos packaging. PTFE 100% square packing is chemically inert, non-toxic, and self-lubricating, harmless. This packing is very flexible and provides more efficient sealing with very low friction characteristics. This packing can be used against corrosive chemicals, solvents, oil and petroleum by oxygen products and services widely used for water handling equipment, liquid oxygen pumps, valves etc. Gland Packing Teflon

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